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Our extensive range of professional services will meet all of your needs. Creatyve Control is in the business of innovative thinking to deliver results of ingenuity. Our premium services are designed to benefit each one of our clients in a personal manner. Join us for the experience of a lifetime.


Take a glimpse into the life of a

multi-hyphenate's world. 

Producer, Director, Playwright, Actress, and more!


A podcast series designed to share educational anecdotes that'll have educators question their career choices, debate the parenting skills of America and perhaps shed light on common core chatter. 

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All bets are off when you're on board with our series of "friendly" creatyve competitions. Take the challenge & change the game!


Explore a range of artistic and educational learning opportunities to help support brand, skill, or team development. Our consultative services and workshops are customized for your individual needs.


Take a drizzle of Ms. Frizzle, a dash of Debbie Allen, and a dollop of Angela Davis to get your much-needed helping of Ms. Ervin's lessons. 

Take Notes

Your favorite indie nail polish company inspired by classic television/film colors. Flip the script and let your nails do the talking.