Here at Creatyve Control, we focus on the development of artistic visions and practices that support new programs, policies, and performances.

Our team has 15+ years of experience needed for your next artistic venture

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Take a glimpse into the life of a
multi-hyphenate's world. 
Producer, Director, Playwright, Actress, and more!

Explore creative projects of the past and present while building your future art venture with our team.

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All bets are off when you're on board with our series of "friendly" creative competitions. Take the challenge & change the game!

Explore our web series,
Pass or Play (coming soon), and look out for LIVE game events in 2023

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Take a drizzle of Ms. Frizzle, a dash of
Debbie Allen, and a fistful of Angela Davis
to get your  weekly helping of Ms. Ervin's
lessons and workshops.

Explore opportunities for seminars, creative teaching,s and our featured multimedia program, Recess Rhetoric .