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Naelis A. Ervin is a multi-hyphenate creator based in the DMV region with over two decades of experience producing “edutaining” content for underserved and overlooked youth programs. Her love for all things film and television connected her to the Media Studies program at Pennsylvania State University. Later, she attended Morgan State University where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Television Production.   

With an extensive background as a Theatre Arts/Media Instructor and National Trainer, Naelis has worked effortlessly to refine the artistic practices of academic experiences in today’s learning institutions. Drawing from her foundation as a student in the New York City Public School System, Naelis collaborates with school leaders and classroom teachers to explore arts integration within their communities.  

As the Founder and Creative Director of Creatyve Control, Naelis aims to bridge cultural and academic divides through the power of the arts. She remains deeply committed to fostering environments where imagination thrives and authentic self-expression is celebrated. The iconic Debbie Allen, the inspirational Angela Davis, and the imaginative Ms. Frizzle fuel the formula for her rebellious teaching style and beliefs. It’s the perfect concoction of fearless innovation.

Naelis enjoys curating experiences that activate voices and change, setting the stage for creative success. Her most recent creative contributions have been featured at DC EarlyEdX 2024(Emcee), BlackComputeHER (Storyteller), Blerdcon 2023 (Black Noise, Panelist), Long Beach City College (1865 Showcase, Asst. Director), The 48-Hour Film Festival (Producer/Director), The Cosby Satires (Director/Choreographer) and a host of school-based productions including her well-noted annual Black History production of Fade To Black.  

Through her journey as a creator, educator, and advocate, she continues to illuminate pathways that nurture young minds' boundless potential and amplify leaders' voices. Join her on this quest to take sparks of curiosity and ignite them into new ideas for the world to embrace.  

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